214 million years of evolution

Our history

The shock of a meteorite

The history of NATUKU began 214 million years ago.

The Canadian Shield then cushioned the shock of a meteorite in the Manicouagan region of Quebec, Canada, which left a colossal imprint on the Earth's surface.

The igneous rock, modified by this incredible force, was then refined naturally by approximately 8 ice ages.

The movements of the immense blocks of ice on the ground caused erosion and the deposition of sediments displaced by all this friction.

Then, 12,000 years ago, the Goldwaith Sea which supported a unique and rich ecosystem slowly retreated. Rocks broken into tiny particles were transported to the St. Lawrence River and piled up in layers of sediment for millennia.

Fine clay colloids 5 microns in diameter were then formed, putting an end to the natural process that gave birth to our unique range of skincare products.

The mineralogical and chemical composition of the Manicouagan mud is partly explained by the erosion and deposition of sediments, transported by the Manicouagan River and the Outardes River to the Peninsula for millions of years.