We believe in the spirit of nature.

“The Healing Root”

NATUKU means “The root that heals” in the Innu language. We offer a whole range of skin, face and hair treatments made from 100% natural, highly mineralized clay inspired by an ancestral remedy.

Single source

Manicouagan clay

At the origin of our products, Manicouagan mud. A unique source of minerals, formed naturally thanks to exceptional climatic conditions. This unique ecosystem in the world has long fascinated scientists and researchers.

The history of the Innu civilization tells how its people used this mud (Ishkussukau) and its healing and restorative properties for thousands of years.

A natural treatment with unsuspected virtues whose power we reveal through a range of modern products.

NATUKU connects you with the Earth to strengthen your body and renew your energy through the power of Nature.