Unprocessed marine mud of 100% natural origin

In harmony with nature

Proudly eco-friendly

In a spirit of sustainable development in harmony with nature, respect for the environment is NATUKU's primary concern in everything we do.

Our clay is extracted from the peat bog of the Manicouagan Peninsula (UTAMATSHIKUAN) on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

Extractions are always carried out in winter, to have as little impact as possible on the external environment.

The thick layer of peat bog is set aside to extract the mud as gently as possible. Once extraction is complete, the peat bog layer is put back in place to promote a "zero-footprint" extraction as much as possible.

The machinery used during extraction is lubricated with vegetable grease and oil, rather than chemical hydraulic greases.

What's more, the mineral mud is extracted by AEM Lab, a company that has carried the UNESCO Manicouagan-Uapishka World Biosphere Reserve seal since 2007 for being an eco-responsible contractor.